Teacher Training

Teacher Training


The Sisters of the APOSTOLIC CARMEL CONGREGATION founded by MOTHER VERONICA in 1870 pioneering girls’ education in Karnataka have been striving towards developing students under their care as persons of deep faith in God and in themselves and building of the precious human resources of our country.

St. Agnes Teacher Training Institute for Special Education (T.T.I) Mangalore, started in the year 1992, is recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India. The TTI from its very inception has been preparing young men and women of all castes, creeds from all over India without distinction to be teachers for differently Abled children.

The objectives of the Institution are:

1. To prepare well balanced teachers who acknowledge the fatherhood of God and brotherhood/sisterhood of human persons, develop professional competencies, build emotional stability and strength of Character and acquire concern for the persons with disabilities with a preferential love.

2.  To equip trainees with skills to train and educate mentally challenged children through quality education.


The aim of this course is to prepare the trainee teacher to screen, assess, educate and train persons with mental retardation in individual or group settings.

General Objectives : 

On completion of the course the trainee teacher is expected to perform the following functions :

Screening and educational assessment of persons with mental retardation.

Apply principles from psychology to develop, implement and evaluate educational programmes for persons with mental retardation at pre-school, primary, secondary and pre-vocational levels in homebound, school, hostel or any other setting offering special educational programmes.

Analyse and manage, under supervision from appropriate expert, behaviour problems in the classroom setting.

Inform the family regarding available services and promote integration of the person with mental retardation in the family and the community under guidance from concerned experts.

Initiate, under supervision from appropriate experts, prescribed therapy programmes in Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Other Rehabilitation courses :

St. Agnes Teacher Training Institute for Special Education is a Study Centre of National Programme of Indira Gandhi National Open School(IGNOU) and Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).

It offers the following courses

1.  Foundation course on Education of Children with Disabilities in Distance Mode

It aims to develop understanding and basic competencies in a teacher for dealing with children with Disabilities.

The principle objective of the Programme is to develop required competencies of in-service teachers and enable them to impart education effectively to students with various disabilities.

Duration : The programme is of 3 months (90 days) duration including 3 weeks of face-to- face contact Programme in two phases.

July 16, 2010  TTI was shifted from the main building to the building near the entrance

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The Coordinator  Tel:

St. Agnes Special School

Mangalore – 575 002

Tel. 2443580(R) 2411223 (O)

Philosophy of the school:

The stated philosophy of the special school is that , every child has a right to learn and develop at his own pace regardless of race, creed and culture. This school provides a learning environment , where the activities of life revolve round the individual person allowing him or her, to reach out for the highest potential in an acceptable setting.