Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Educating the mind without educating the heart is not educating at all” (Aristotle). Welcome to our School website Our school motto is “In Love we Grow” we cater to the needs of students with Intellectually challenged from age 4 till 18 years and then train them with skills to fit them in the Vocational training centre. Our educational philosophy is to focus on each individual student and their learning needs and see to the all round development of the child.

The environment of the school aims to support students as they strive to develop social, emotional, communication and educational skills that will lead to greater independence. The motto of the school chosen helps in drawing out the bring out the developmentally delayed children, from their cold islands of Isolation and neglect, to the warmer atmosphere of Love and Understanding, and provide them with a training necessary , for their development and growth.

I welcome you to take a tour of St. Agnes Special School and to ask any further questions you may have regarding our school or contact me directly.

Philosophy of the school:

The stated philosophy of the special school is that , every child has a right to learn and develop at his own pace regardless of race, creed and culture. This school provides a learning environment , where the activities of life revolve round the individual person allowing him or her, to reach out for the highest potential in an acceptable setting.