The Children who have learning disability and border line IQ are given remedial classes by the expert teachers to answer their SSLC under Open Schooling. The Kannada medium students are trained to answer their exams through Karnataka Open School and the English medium children are helped to answer their exams under National Institute of Open Schooling. We are happy to note that around 60 children have completed their SSLC over the past 5 to 6 years . Further they are helped to do some professional courses in Mechanics, Plumbing, Electricals, computers etc. Then after their training they are also helped to fetch some small jobs, which will help them stand on their own.


Our children have had singular success on the Sports field and they have consistently won lurrels both at the Individual as well as group level. They have also won prizes at the State and National Level Special Olympics and we are proud to say that some of our students have also participated in the International Special Olympics and have won medals. To mention few,

  • Hassan Asif has won bronze medal in the Football team game in IRELANd in 2003

  • Dhanraj has won 2 silver and 1 bronze medals in Roller Skating held at Shanghai, China.-2007

  • Anil has won Silver medal in Volleyball and Royston has won 2 gold medals in Roller Skating held at Athens, Greece.-2011

  • Danon and Thazman have won silver medal in Cricket held at New Castle, Australia. -2012

  • Mohemmed Fardeen has represented India in the Football team game held at Los Angeles -USA in the year 2016 and has won 5th place.

  • Ashley D’Souza is a probable candidate for the Power Lifting, Shamil will be representing India in Basketball and Nizamuddin  in Football to be held in Dubai in the year 2019.






Anil and RoystonGOLD IN ROLER SKETING and SILVER MEDAL IN VOLLEYBALL- Athens Greece.- 2011

Danon and Thazman - SILVER MEDAL IN CRICKET - NEW CASTLE- Austrelia   Mohammed Fardeen - 5th Place in FOOT BALL – Los Angeles- USA



  • Sr. Maria Jyothi A.C the founder principal of the special school has received the “Rajyostava Award “ in 1992.

  • God blessed the dedicated labour of love of St. Agnes Special School and enabled them to be the recipients of the “Best Institution Award” in 1993. The citation reads thus, “ This State Award is presented to St. Agnes Special School, Mangalore in public acknowledgement and testimony of its exemplary services in promoting the welfare of persons with disabilities and their families”

  • “ Karnataka Rajya Angavikalara Parishath” gave a best school award in the year 2005 for the great services rendered towards the persons with disabilities.

  • Mr. Philomena D’Mello received the “Best Teacher” award at the state level on World Disabled Day at Bangalore in the year 2012

  • Miss Reena Vitha D’Souza also received “Best Teacher” award at the state level on World Disabled Day at Bangalore in the year 2013.

  • Sr. Shruthi A.C the principal of the school was given an award by the Karavali Sangeetha Kalavidara Okkuta  for the best services rendered among the disabled children in the year 2016.

  • An Award of Recognition by The international Institute for Public Policy was given to Sr. Shruthi. A.C and proclaimed as an “Outstanding Community Leader” for the year 2017, for her exemplary services towards  the students of Special Education.

Aminent Visitors who visited our School

  • We are happy to note that our instituion is blessed by the visit of St. Mother Teresa of Kolkota in the year 1991. She interacted with our staff and students and gave her blessings.

  • Mr. Kapil Dev the cricketer visited our institution and interacted with our students and parents.

  • Shri Rahul Gandhi also visited our institution in the year 2008 and spent an hour with the staff students and parents  



Philosophy of the school:

The stated philosophy of the special school is that , every child has a right to learn and develop at his own pace regardless of race, creed and culture. This school provides a learning environment , where the activities of life revolve round the individual person allowing him or her, to reach out for the highest potential in an acceptable setting.