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‘Special Kids’ unleash ‘special talents’ at St Agnes ‘Special School’ Day

With motto "In love we grow" - ‘Special Kids’ unleash ‘special talents’ at St Agnes ‘Special School’ Day                                                                                                                    Special children aka different-abled children got talents - That’s true!. With the motto “in love we grow”, St agenss special school – bendore, Mangaluru hosted their “annual school day” at their open air school grounds on December 16 2017. Nearly hundreds of differently abled students belonging to this special school unleashed their hidden talents in the form of music, songs and dance providing to the august gathering that they too can “dance , sing and act”. Click on the link below for more information.

Philosophy of the school:

The stated philosophy of the special school is that , every child has a right to learn and develop at his own pace regardless of race, creed and culture. This school provides a learning environment , where the activities of life revolve round the individual person allowing him or her, to reach out for the highest potential in an acceptable setting.